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Bella Vista Ed Fund News!


Ed Fund meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7-8PM PST. 

Ed Fund is looking for new members to join the team.

Ed Fund

Dear Bella Vista Parents,


Welcome back to Bella Vista!


Bella Vista School currently has 489 students, and 390 have finished the registration. Students who have not finished the registration, please do so at

This year, Bella Vista Ed Fund asked for $500 of Annual Donation, $200 of Classroom Supplies and $20 of Adopt-A-Book. As of Aug. 15th, we have received the total of $81K for Annual Donation, $41k for Classroom Supplies and $3.2k for Adopt-A-Book, all BEFORE fees. Thank you, BVEF supporters!!

The current total Annual Donation, plus the projected Corporate Match ($30k), will be able to cover the expense for one Art teacher and 4 reading/math Paraeducators (average ~$15k-$16k, dependent on experience), the Music teacher (~$18k), the Librarian ($7.5k) and copy paper & custodian supplies ($4.5k).

However, Bella Vista has budgeted a total of 6 Paraeducators. This means that BVEF funding is still short by $30k. We really appreciate any extra donation you can make at!!

The Parking Lot Silent Auction is still going on at THIS BID FORM. The highest bid price as of Aug. 15th is $500.  You can re-submit your bid even if you already bid.

Did you know that you could double or even triple your donations with Corporate Matching? Please check with Corporate Matching.

BVEF is also looking for more board members. Should you be interested, please contact Jay Yao ( or Jessie Ang (



Go Trailblazers!!!


Annual Donation


Classroom Donation