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With another exciting year beginning with returning Trailblazers and new members joining, we expect to strengthen our current program while creating new traditions during 2018-19.  Friendship, teachers, school events, art projects, field trips, and more are once-in-a-lifetime memories your children will make every day at Bella Vista.  You can help preserve these memories and events forever by supporting and purchasing a copy of the yearbook now!

Depending on the number of orders, books will be ordered. Please do not anticipate extra copies being available on May 28th so hurry and place your order .

To place your order, go to Your order number is 16556, please have it handy when you log in.  

Yearbook orders MUST BE placed online on the vendor's website!

Bella Vista 2017-2018 Yearbook Cover Contest 
Front Cover Winner:   Diana  (3rd Grade, Mrs. Jannasch)  
Back Cover:   Karen  (4th Grade, Mrs. Brown)    
Three Outstanding Drawings: (will print as single pages inside the Yearbook) 
    Katherine   (5th grade, Mrs. Stutzman)    
    Kevin   (5th grade, Mr. Dea)  
    Nidhi  (5th grade, Mr. Dea)    
~20 more beautiful entries will also get printed inside the Yearbook)